So, you use Entity Framework Core, and you usually code your selects like the following, maybe you are getting too much data.

var products = Products
    .Where(p => p.UnitsInStock > 0)
    .OrderBy(p => p.ProductName)

Running the query above, on my table, you'll get the following output, take a look …

Zabbix Running on Low Memory Mode

Hey folks, another Zabbix post today. This one it's about increasing the Zabbix Server Cache. It's pretty common (if you have the default settings only) get a warning about your Zabbix value cache running on low memory mode at your dashboard or logs.

Zabbix Dashboard warning about the memory problem Zabbix Dashboard cache graph 70% used

To solve, go back to your Zabbix …

Microsoft Against Covid

Has your job been affected by covid? Well, last week I've posted on Grepora about a Free Certification Voucher that Microsoft was giving away at the Microsoft Ignite event. After that, I found that they were also giving a huge discount to people who have had their job affected by …

The power of PowerShell

As a long time Linux user, I've automated a few things with bash scripts and stayed away from PowerShell... I've moved to a Windows environment a few years ago and still, haven gave a shot to PS. But why not? I've made a few scripts to automate some tasks at …

Top Level Statement in C# 9

Hey folks, I'm coming along to tell you a few things about the new feature of C# 9. Every time you want to start a new project, you always have the same Main File, with the same structure. At the next version of C# (version 9), we'll have a new …

Hey folks, this is the third post about tweaking the Zabbix configurations. All changes that I've suggested here were based on a Zabbix Server with 50+ hosts. Another thing that can happen to your server, it's the poller get overwhelmed by the amount of servers that need to be polled …

Sometimes you get your self in need to monitor a website's health or it's content for changes. Of course, there's plenty of options out there, but for the sake of curiosity, let's code our own to see what we can do. First things first. Everything you'll see here, you can …

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