Zabbix Running on Low Memory Mode

Hey folks, another Zabbix post today. This one it's about increasing the Zabbix Server Cache. It's pretty common (if you have the default settings only) get a warning about your Zabbix value cache running on low memory mode at your dashboard or logs.

Zabbix Dashboard warning about the memory problem Zabbix Dashboard cache graph 70% used

To solve, go back to your Zabbix …

Hey folks, this is the third post about tweaking the Zabbix configurations. All changes that I've suggested here were based on a Zabbix Server with 50+ hosts. Another thing that can happen to your server, it's the poller get overwhelmed by the amount of servers that need to be polled …

So your monitoring sytems have grown and your zabbix started loggin "Zabbix icmp pinger processes more than 75% busy" at the dashboard.

Dashboard do zabbix avisando sobre o erro

All you have to do is open your config file (/etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf) and find the a tag named StartPingers. It'll be commented by default. Uncomment it …

Zabbix Server Out of Memory

Do you have a crashing Zabbix Server and looking through the log /var/log/zabbix/zabbix_server.log you see the following out of memory message?

__mem_malloc: skipped 0 asked 24 skip_min 18446744073709551615 skip_max 0
[file:dbconfig.c,line:94] __zbx_mem_realloc(): out of memory (requested 16 bytes)
[file:dbconfig.c,line …

If someday, for some reason, you need to establish a connection with a database which is behind a firewall and you only have SSH access on that server (and you don't want to use a CLI) you can do an SSH tunnel. It's pretty simple, bellow has a sample of …

From time to time, I change the Linux distro on my laptop or just do a fresh install on it. And once in a while, have random problems with external displays. It can be something really "simple" like don't detecting the external monitor or something crazy like the image below …


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